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Meeting Tenants' Needs through Service Coordination

The Resident Services Coordinator is employed as a confidential resource to address the needs and concerns of our tenants. Working with housing management, the Services Coordinator assists residents in identifying their needs and linking them with the appropriate resources in the community. The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s program, Residents’ Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (ROSS), is intended to help break down barriers that individuals in low income communities face.

The Resident Services Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Providing general case management and referral services.
  • Establishing links with agencies and service providers in the community.
  • Maintaining working relationships with community programs and organizations.
  • Participating in helping residents find employment, social services, financial assistance, substance use treatment, among other services residents may need.
  • Providing access to resources both on site through events and in the community.

Reach out to the Resident Services Coordinator:

  • Walk-In Visits in office attached to the attain lab at Carlisle welcome 8am-5pm Monday-Friday
  • Office phone: 607-723-9491 ext. 127
  • Cell Phone (text or call) 607-238-6365
  • Email: